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Only Pay per Qualified Appointment

Did I mention “No Upfront Cost,” “No Ad Spend” or “Monthly Retainers?”

About Us

Forget the uncertainty of paying for “leads” or “ad spend” that might not convert. With us, you only pay when your sales rep engages in a real conversation with a qualified homeowner. This approach ensures every dollar you spend directly contributes to meaningful sales opportunities, optimizing your ROI and streamlining your path to closing deals.

Streamlined Sales Pipeline: Connect with homeowners ready to talk solar, ensuring every meeting is a step towards a deal.
Zero Risk: Move away from the gamble of traditional lead generation. Invest only in results – actual conversations with interested home owners.
Optimized ROI: Every cent contributes directly to potential sales, maximizing your returns and cutting through the noise of uncertain marketing strategies.

Our Process

Driving Solar Success Through Lead Generation

Lead Generation

We obtain high-quality leads through multifaceted advertising across various channels. These pre-qualified solar appointments have demonstrated an interest in switching to solar, ensuring a strong likelihood of conversion.

Appointment Setting

Our skilled appointment schedulers expertly assess potential leads, enhance their interest in solar solutions, and organize meetings accordingly. Through a thorough follow-up process and a performance-based rewards system, we ensure that every lead receives the attention it deserves.

2- Step Confirmations

Each appointment set by our team gets recalled by our quality control team to confirm the appointment date and time to maximize the show rate, along with e reminder to have their electric bill ready during the appointment.

Why Choose Real Solar Marketing?

At Real Solar Marketing, we stand out by not just generating your crappy internet leads, but by actually qualifying and making the home owner interested ensuring a high show rate.

  • Proven Track Record

    Over the years, we have successfully delivered over 15,000 solar appointments in testing markets, gaining the trust of numerous organizations!

  • Pay Only For Real Conversions

    With Real Solar Marketing, we get paid only for confirmed home owner appointments.

  • No Monthly Retainers

    We follow an outcome-driven approach where you only pay for a solar appointment that a homeowner attends. There are no recurring monthly fees or advertising expenses, only tangible outcomes.

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