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At Real Solar Marketing, we’ve designed a system that maximizes the number of qualified appointments for our clients. From sourcing high-quality leads to setting and following up on appointments, we handle everything. Our process is streamlined, efficient, and results-driven.


We are always committed to improving the quality that can bring success and satisfaction to your business.


Always provide business-specific accessibility that can be used by people with various abilities and disabilities.

Why Choose Real Solar Marketing?

At Real Solar Marketing, we stand out by not just generating leads, but by cultivating relationships that illuminate your path to sustainable success in the solar industry.

  • Proven Track Record

    Over the years, we have successfully arranged over 5,000 solar appointments in testing markets, gaining the trust of numerous organizations!

  • Pay Only For Real Conversions

    With Real Solar Marketing, you are only charged for a genuine solar appointment setting with qualified and genuinely interested homeowners.

  • No Monthly Retainers

    We follow an innovative, outcome-driven approach where you only pay for a solar appointment that a homeowner attends. There are no recurring monthly fees or advertising expenses, only tangible outcomes.

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